Svenska Aero Jaktfalken

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SA-11 Jact Falcons, the SA-12 and SA-Skolfalken Övningsfalken 13 ("Advanced Trainer Falcon") - Svenska Aero AB three aircraft in their arrangement of falcons (Falcon). For the beginning there were SA-12 Skolfalken.

The organization had not made much progress with its past business, the SA-10 pirates. Never before - despite the difficulties and despite the lack of enthusiasm of the Air Force - Svenska Aero began work plan for a general trainer aircraft. It is inherently two refunds - essentially (Type I) Mentor SA-12 and powered Skolfalken (II) SA-13 Övningsfalken coach.

The main Skolfalken SA-12 as a hypothesis in 1929. The pilots of the Luftwaffe produced were gathered for practice races, which have taken place in Barkarby near Stockholm with beginning in September of this year. The tests were successful and the head supervision Svenska Aero AB - the notable pilot and air navigator creator Carl Clemens Bücker, understood how to deliver the flying machine in the air force. The Skolfalken has received the official Sk8 assignment and recruitment in the Air Force 5100 number.

The flying machine was switched to Flight Academy of the Luftwaffe in Ljungbyhed (F 5). Some changes have been made. The most convincing was a further balance and rudder. Ljungbyhed flight instructors were very satisfied with their Sk 8 and not the Air Force would push Sk 6 Heinkel coach with Sk worries 8. But unfortunately for Svenska Aero, Sk 6 inconsistent with its surplus motors, Soon to be grounded for good. There was no way to sit for the transport of Svenska Aero. Instead ten de Havilland Moth DH 60T Trainers (Sk 9) were built in 1931 The time between application and the transport was only two months received and passed on.

The simple Sk8 continued to fly F 5 for several years. Later, he was traded to F 3 at Malmen, where she was made in 1938 after 386 hours of deployment. The account easy Sk8 was undoubtedly in spring in a year when the airship was used as a flamap (see photo below).

Sk 8 was cooled by an engine spiral 5-barrels Armstrong Siddeley Mongoose cooled 135 hp. A flying machine of the SA-13 Övningsfalken variant mentioned above was also manufactured. It was mainly a similar plan, but more grounded by a motor is controlled. See Ö 8!
Svenska Aero was lucky with the admirer Jaktfalken. 1 + 17 aircraft were purchased from the Air Force, assigned J 5 and J 6.

Specifications : 

Crew: 1
Length: 7.50 m
Wingspan: 8.80 m (upper wing)
Height: 3.46 m
Surface area: 21.8 m²
Empty weight: 946 kg
Maximum starting weight: 1,470 kg
Engine: a Bristol Jupiter VIIF with 388 kW (520 hp)
Max speed: 310 km / h
Cruising speed: 260 km / h
Height: 7,800 m
Armament: 2 7,92 × 57 mm Mauser machine guns

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