Koolhoven FK.52

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This aircraft was built quickly at the express request of France in late 1938. The last nose of Koolhoven has a design very similar to that of the Fokker D 21. However, the Fk 58 is faster and more agile thanks to its train Retractable. France orders 51 aircraft mainly for the French colonies, but it receives only 18 before the start of the war.

Operational history
These 18 aircraft, of which 13 are operational, are piloted by Poles during the Battle of France. The planes commanded by the Dutch government were never produced and the factory was destroyed on the first day of the invasion of the Netherlands by the Luftwaffe.

Specifications : 

General characteristics :

Length: 8.25 m 
Wingspan: 9.81 m 
Height: 3.31 m 
Wing area: 28.42 m² 
Empty weight: 1,652 kg 
Max. takeoff weight: 2,550 kg 
Powerplant: one × Bristol Mercury radial engine, 620 kW 
Max speed: 380 km/h 
Range: 1,131 km
Service ceiling : 9,820 m 
Crew: 2
two  7.7 mm machine guns

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