The Bristol Beaufighter

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Bristol Beaufighter of Squadron RCAF at RAF Davidstow Moor.
Photo Source ; Wikimedea Commons

 Bristol Type 156 Beaufighter was a British military aircraft two motors of the Second World War. It was created from the Beaufort torpedobomber. Initially outlined as a long range warrior, it was additionally fabricated and utilized as a night seeker, torpedobomber, against ship and seaward art. In all parts the model was viewed as an incredible achievement. Maker was the Bristol Airplane Company. 

The Bristol Beaufighter was additionally one of the primary flying machine with airborne radar for night chasing. Their night-warrior part, be that as it may, was assumed control by the Mosquito soon as it was accessible in adequate numbers. The Beaufighter concentrated on transects and control of the ship. 

Heavyly outfitted with torpedoes, rockets, automatic rifles and assault rifles, the model has been effectively utilized against foe ships. Thus, and due to its generally calm slide directing stars motors British publicity doles out him the epithet "Whispering Death", given by the Japanese rival. 

The primary model flew in 17 July 1939. The creation finished in Sept 1945 after 5,562 duplicates.

The RCAF  Bristol Beaufighter 

Specifications : 

Length: 12.70 m
Height: 4.82 m
Wingspan: 17.65 m
Wingarea: 19.79 m²
2 twin engine Bristol Hercules XVII each with 1,770 hp
Max speed: 512 km/h 
Range: 2,350 km
Crew: 2 
Empty weight: 7,081 kg
Max Take-off weight: 11,540 kg
service Ceilling : 5.800 m
Armament: 4 x 20mm guns,
Crew : two

United Kingdom
United States
New Zealand
South Africa
Dominican Republic

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