Vecihi Hürkuş

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Vecihi Hurqus born in 6 January 1896in, in Istanbul . He was dead in 16 July 1969, in Ankara. Turkish pilot and engineer. One of the most important figures in the history of Turkish aviation.

Biography : 

Vecihi Hurqus was born on January 6, 1896 in Istanbul. He took part in the First World War. The plane returned to Istanbul after being wounded Yasılkoydəki school, graduated as a pilot. Aircraft of the First World War pilot's license in the 7th division of the movement against the Russians at bay Vecihi into successful exploration and sorties conducted an air war in the meantime has a Russian aircraft. The plane hit the first Turkish təyyərəcisidir Vecihi Hurqus. [1] Then, who was captured by the Russians at bay Vecihi Nargin island in the Caspian Sea (the Zire) swim, managed to escape and returned to Turkey via Iran in the summer of 1918 Yasılkoydə began his career in the 9th Military Aircraft division.

A fighter who was in charge of the project for the bolukdə Vecihi Mudros's agreement with this project remained unfinished. Vecihi participated in the War of Independence in the bay, especially during the wars of İnönü and Sakarya very capable intelligence and support to carry out flights caused by a Greek airliner. The pilot first and last flight of the Liberation War. Izmir (Gaziemir - Seydiköy) airspace, was the first person into custody.

Vecihi pretty red ribbon was given the National Medal. Təqdirnamə also received three times by Parliament. Three təqdirnamə the only person.

Izmir to teach new pilots Hurqus Vecihi after the war began. Tasked with taking down a passenger aircraft mistakenly Edirne. In exchange for the service plane "Vecihi" name is given, then revived thoughts of aircraft to produce. Seydiköy Air School in Izmir - Gaziemir Weather school's project has continued to produce the command of the aircraft. In 1923, the Greeks seized as spoils of war by using the first Turkish aircraft engines produced. January 28, 1925 "Vecihi K-VI", the aircraft had its first flight out. But instead of rewarding punished him. Vecihi Hurqusun receiving the penalty waiting rewarding because there is no one who understands the aircraft. Flew to the absence of a law authorizing him without permission and, therefore, punished.

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