The Sikorsky S-51

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The Sikorsky S-fifty one, the designation of the corporation VS-327, become a 4-shipping helicopter, army civilian version derived dall'omologo H-5D, the us produced by means of Sikorsky plane inside the second 1/2 of the 40's.

The Sikorsky S-fifty one holds the sector records as the 1st helicopter proposed for enterprise use use and the first within the world to play a regular alternate route.

History :  

Designed for advanced overall performance than the Sikorsky R-four, differed from its predecessor to have a longer fuselage and with a view to accommodate  humans inside sitting one in the back of the opposite. the first XR-five with four built prototypes flew for the first time on August 18, 1943. In March, the us military Air Forces ordered a batch of 26 year-5As, which mainly served as a test case, and in February 1945 commenced deliveries. At this first batch he observed a second that blanketed the construction of one hundred aircraft, although in the long run simplest 34 of the 100 aircraft ordered have been then genuinely introduced. 21 of 34 12 months-5As have been then provided with a third seat on board and external gas tanks for greater autonomy.  Even america army will estimated two copies and that they then ordered 
the five-12 months 5ES model.

It turned into then also produced a civilian version with the name S-51 with four seats and a rotor diameter larger than the army model. In December 1946 the us corporation Sikorsky plane and the British Westland plane confined took an agreement which provided for by way of the employer British production license under the call WS-fifty one Dragonfly, converting its propulsion gadget with radial home manufacturing Alvis Leonides 500 hp. until 1951, when the Sikorsky S-51 went out of production, extra than three hundred plane were constructed

Between 1948 and 1951 they were also produced 39 examples Relief named H-5G, while 16 existing aircraft were adapted to this task.

During his period of service, the Sikorsky S-51 was mainly used as a rescue helicopter, became famous during the Korean War. During this conflict the helicopter was used as a rescue helicopter to rescue downed pilots or to recover any injured. It was finally replaced by H-19 Chickasaw.

Sikorsky S-51 (H-5A) Executive Transport - Built in 1947 in Stratford, CT, this helicopter was originally used by the Royal Canadian Air Force. Declared surplus in 1968, it was registered in this country as a civilian aircraft. The Sikorsky S-51 was Sikorsky's first civilian helicopter. Photo from Wikimedia Commons

Specifications :
Crew : 1 + 3
Length : 13.70 m
Main rotor diameter : 14.94 m
Height : 3.90 m
Curb weight : 1720 kg
Off weight : 2263 kg
Maximum speed : 166 km / h
Range : 451 km
Quantity> 300
Engines 1 × Pratt & Whitney R-985-AN-5 Wasp Junior

Operators : 

United States

United Kingdom

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