Sikorsky Ilia Mouromets

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The Ilia Mouromets was the first russian aircraft in the history of Russian civil . It was designed by Igor Sikorsky and manufactered by Russo-Baltic Wagon Company in 1913.
the russian aircraft was used as a  commercial airliners and also in the world war 1 by the Russian Empire.

History :

The Muromets air ship with Renault motors was Muromets E. 

The Ilya Muromets was produced in 1913 by Igor Ivanovich Sikorsky in the plant premises of Russian-Baltic wagon St. Petersburg. It depended on its forerunner, the Russky Vityaz, which had assumed an essential part in the improvement of the Russian aeronautics and flying machine development at a few motors. 

Initially, this unit was arranged as an extravagance traveler plane. He was with seating for travelers segregated from the team, a room and a restroom. The plane was warmed and was furnished with electric light. The principal tests occurred December 10, 1913 and the main flight took after February 25, 1914 with 16 travelers on load up. Somewhere around 21 and 23 June 1914, the air ship relia St. Petersburg to Kiev in 14 hours and 38 minutes with stand out stopover. 

After the begin of World War I, Sikorsky turned the plane aircraft. It could convey up to 800 kg of bombs and was outfitted with a few weapons in his own particular safeguard. Motors were ensured with a steel protecting 5 mm. 

In August 1914, the air ship were conveyed to the Imperial Russian Air Service and 10 December of that year was made a squadron of 10 aircraft, that number was expanded to 20 until 1916. On September 12, 1916 the Russians lost the principal Ilya Muromets in a battle with four German Albatros. This is the main misfortune endured by an air ship of this sort. Three harmed units figured out how to achieve their base. 

The Russians sold licenses to English and French. The Germans attempted to make a duplicate of this air ship from the remaining parts of the main duplicate they had shot and improvement framed the reason for the acknowledgment of future "mammoth planes" German Gotha G. 

End 1916, the air turned out to be too substantial because of the expansion of its weaponry. Sikorsky swung to another sort of gadget, the Sikorsky Alexander Nevskii (en). 

A sum of 73 planes Ilya Muromets were worked somewhere around 1913 and 1918. Their bombs achieved their objectives with an exactness of 90%. The Ilya Muromets effectuèrent more than 400 missions and push off almost 65 tons of bombs. 

Ilya Muromets last flew in 1922 at the school of the aviation based armed forces of Serpukhov.

Specifications :  

Crew: 4 to 8 (max 12)
Length: 18,80 m
Wingspan: 34.50 m
Wing area: 220 m²
Empty weight: 5,000 kg
Starting weight: 6,500 kg
Max. Starting weight: 7,460 kg
Engine: 4 x Renault 12-cylinder engines, each 162 kW (220 hp)
Max speed: 130 km / h
Range: 560 km
Height: 3200 m
Wing load: 29.5 kg / m²
Power / mass: 0.10 kW / kg

Various numbers and combinations of firearms in war (12.7 mm, 15.3 mm, 25 mm, 37 mm and 7.62 mm rifles), Maxim machine guns, Lewis machine guns, and Leonid Kurschewski's experimental non-rebound rifle.
Bomb loading eight hundred kg bombs, sixteen 50 kg bombs or a 656 kg bomb

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