Sikorsky S-16

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The Sikorsky S-16 , Photo source :

The Sikorsky S-16 (Russian Сикорский С-16) was a Russian biplane and was used as a companion for heavy long-range bombers in the First World War.

The Sikorsky S-16 was developed in 1915 by Igor Sikorsky as an accompaniment to the massive four-engine Sikorsky Ilyo-Muromets bombers of the Russian aircraft group. On 17 December 1915, the Ministry of War ordered 18 aircraft, which were assigned to the legendary squadron of "Flying Ships 3Эскадра воздушных кораблей, ЭВК".

The Sikorsky S-16 , Photo source :
The S-16 was armed as the first Russian fighter aircraft with a synchronized machine gun. It turned out to be very manoeuvrable, but due to the weakness of the engine it was only able to cope with the front conditions. Some of the aircraft were even equipped with a 60 hp Kalep engine and a Lewis MG mounted on the upper wing. In winter, the bikes were replaced by skids. Until 1917, a small series was delivered to the aircraft group. Some of the aircraft were still used in the Russian Civil War in 1918 and remained in service until 1923.

Specification :    

Wingspan 8.40 m
Wing area 25.36 m²
Length : 6,20 m
Height : 2.780 m
Crew : 1-2 
Empty weight : 407 kg
Loaded weight  : 676 kg
Drive Gnôme or Le Rhône circulating engine with 100 hp
Max speed : 120 km / h

Climbing speed : 1.000 m in 8 min
Armament : 1 Lavrow-MG, 7.7 mm

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