Salmson-Moineau S.M.1

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Airplane of french engineering company en:Salmson (1916-1917). It might be the en:Salmson-Moineau , Photo source : Wikimedia Commons

The Salmson-Moineau S.m.1, was a single-engine military plane biplane developed by the aviation division of the French company Société des moteurs Salmson in the ten years of the twentieth century.

Characterized by an unusual technical approach, with the engine placed transversely in the fuselage who commanded two tractor propellers placed between the wings, was the first aircraft built by the French for use as reconnaissance aircraft and observation during the First World War, however, it coming quickly replaced by a more conventional setting models judged safer.

History : 

With the outbreak of World War I, the nations involved in the conflict there was a progressive use of the weapon, and various airline companies were encouraged to switch production to support the war effort.

France also Salmson, which since 1912 had specialized in the production of radial engines, decided to invest in the fledgling military aviation market, as the policy undertaken by the owner Emile Salmson was crowned with brilliant success in experimenting and searching for new talent.

In 1915, the Armée de terre, the French army issued a specification for the supply of an A3-class aircraft, or a plane for the three-seat long-range aerial reconnaissance and cooperation with artillery in dell'Aéronautique departments Militaire , its newly formed air component. To address this need the Salmson entrusted the project to the Lieutenant Rene Moineau, who designed an aircraft unconventional setting. The model was mainly characterized by the placement of the engine inside the fuselage, inserted between the location of the front gunner and the two rear cockpits height of the wings; this azionava, via two shafts of the transmission and its joints, the two propellers positioned at the center of each inner mast interalar "to X". This solution was devised in order to release the most of the visual field and of the gunner / observer front shot.

Specifications :  

Length 10 m
Wingspan : 17,471 mm
Height 3.8 m
wing area : 70,1 m²
load weight 2051 kg
Propulsion: a radial engine Salmson 9A2c
Power : 241hp (180 kW)
Crew : Three

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