Petlyakov Pe-2

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The Petlyakov Pe-2 is one of the key bombers of the Second World War. Constituting the bulk of the Soviet bomber fleet during World War II, this twin-engine bomber, capable of dive bombing, is difficult to compare to devices like the German Ju 88, also capable of dive bombing: if less well defended and that the latter carries fewer bombs, it is much faster and manageable, at least early in the war. At least early in the war, because its pure performance decrease slowly over time. However succeeds fortunately the Tupolev SB (used during the Spanish Civil War) and Ilyushin DB-3, is much more powerful than they.   

The Pe-2, which could use his speed to make the lives of its interceptors (mostly Bf 109F) more difficult at the beginning of the war, will more quickly. Its maximum speed is reduced in part by an increase in conventional weight in the life of an aircraft (increased defensive armament, armor, etc.), and partly by a build quality more deplorable: the move aeronautical factories eastward before the German advance involves employing many local workers unskilled. Furthermore, the engines are a problem: it is difficult to change without disrupting production lines, and anyway the new engines are generally either unreliable or already requisitioned for priority air. Thus, defects will follow the device permanently, especially at low speed dangerous behavior and bounced landings. Similarly, the defensive armament, quite low, will be improved gradually but remain insufficient.

Built officially to 11070 copies, the Pe-2 Soviet bomber built most of history. Despite its chronic shortcomings was a modern and efficient equipment, and versatile enough (we will drift into a version of heavy hunting, Pe-3). Its competitor the Tu-2, which was probably her superior despite its inability to dive bombing, will be introduced as from 1942 and will never be so used. However, stay longer in use, and replace from 1945 the Pe-2 in some regiments.

Specifications : 

Length 12.66 m
Wing span 17.66 m
Height 4,00 m
Wing area 40.50 m²
Drive two Klimow V12 engines with variable pitch propeller
Type / starting power M-105R with 1,110 hp (816 kW)
Max speed in 5,000 m altitude 540 km / h
Service Ceilling 8,800 m
Range 1,500 km
Empty weight 5.870 kg
Max. Start weight 7.680 kg
Armament with three 7.62 mm MG SchKAS
and with 600 to 1,000 kg of bombs
Crew 3 men

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