Marinens Flyvebaatfabrikk M.F.1

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The M.F.1 was a two-seat, single-engine training aircraft built for Royal Norwegian Navy Air Service of Marinens Flyvebaatfabrikk.

In 1914 it was decided that it would be built three aircraft for the training of pilots for the Navy Flyvevæsen, as it was called then. Man chose to build planes modeled on flottørutgaven of the proven Maurice Farman Mf.7. During the production process, it was decided to build one aircraft plus-four. Due to the outbreak of the First World War it was difficult to obtain good engines for the planes. The only offer proved to be American Hall-Scott six-cylinder inline engines with 110 to 130 hp. The motors turned out to be rather unreliable.

The first of the planes flew for the first time in 1915. Three of the planes crashed within two years and it was decided to build two additional aircraft in 1917 and 1918, equipped with Scania Vabis engines of 100 hp. These were eventually converted into M.F.2. The last aircraft of type M.F.1 were scrapped in 1922.

Specifications :

Crew: 2
Length: 9.70 m
 Height: 3.90 metres 
Wingspan: 19.02 metres 
Empty weight: 981 kg 
Loaded weight: 1,341 kg 
Powerplant 1 × Hall-Scott A-3, 100–130 hp (75–97 kW)
Max speed: 100 km/h 
Cruise speed: 80 km/h
Range: 400 km 
Rate of climb: 0.80 m/s 
Armament :1 × Krag–Jørgensen carbine, 1 × Colt M1911 pistol

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