Marcel Albert

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Marcel Albert , was born on 25 Novmber in Paris 1917 and was dead on 23 August 2010 in Texas, USA. Marcel was a french aviator who was Participate in the WW2.

Marcel was flew in :  - French Vichy Gouvernment Air force
                               -  The free french force (FFL)
                               - The Royal Air Force (RAF)

Biography : 

He entered very young to the Renault plants as metalworker.
Aviation enthusiast, he won a state scholarship steering and passes its first and second degree.
In April 1938, he contracted a commitment of three years for the Air Battalion No. 105. He obtained, on 25 July, his military pilot and was assigned to the Istres air base to track course student sergeant aircrew, as a student pilot career.
After several months in the 5th company of Battalion 125 Air, the Marcel Albert sergeant assigned to the 1st Fighter Wing at Etampes.
On 7 September 1939, he was sent as an instructor at the fighter pilot training center at Chartres.
He then joined on 15 February 1940, the fighter group 1/3 and accomplished in its ranks a brilliant campaign of France, during which he performed 37 combat missions. On 14 May 1940, it is distinguished by shooting down a German aircraft and attacking a second (likely win) May 21
In October 1940 the group is assigned to the North African troops in Oran. It performs 15 missions and sign a new five-month engagement in April 1941 and another a year in August.
Refusing both defeat and inactivity, Marcel Albert, 14 October 1941, the day of his promotion to sergeant, enjoys a flying exercise to reach Gibraltar with his Dewoitine 520 with two other drivers fighter Group 1/3, Marcel Lefèvre and Albert Durand.
Gibraltar, the three embark on a corvette to England. The journey is perilous, several ships of the convoy were sunk, and they participate in the rescue of survivors.
Marcel Albert landed on British soil in December 1941 and engages in the Free French Air Force (FAFL), a month after being sentenced to death in absentia by the military court of Oran.
Transferred to the training center of Camberley, in January 1942, he was appointed midshipman in March. He then joined a training squadron of the Royal Air Force, the 61 Operational Training Unit (OTU 61).
In May 1942, Marcel Albert then joined the hunt group "Ile de France" with whom he made forty-seven combat missions.
He then volunteered for the Soviet front and joined in October 1942, the Fighter Group Normandie, then training at Rayak in Lebanon. He finds his two comrades Marcel Lefèvre and Albert Durand.
In the USSR, he was promoted to lieutenant in December 1942 and took his first victory June 16, 1943 and four the following month.
On 5 September 1943 he took command of the first squadron of Normandy before being appointed lieutenant a few days later.
Victories succeed and Marcel Albert wins in September in the single month of October 1944.
He filled in the USSR 199 fighter missions and holds the record for the Normandie Niemen victories. His strokes of brilliance in this unit earned him the title of second French ace of the Second World War with 23 aerial victories approved in 1131 flying hours.
Marcel Albert was promoted to captain in December 1944, ending the war in 28 years with the Commander tie of the Legion of Honour, being a Companion of the Liberation and Hero of the Soviet Union.
On his return to France with the Normandie Niemen in June 1945, he was seconded to the Brétigny Flight Test Center.
In 1947 he was appointed commander and Air Attaché at the Embassy of France in Prague.
He left active army with the rank of captain in September 1948 before settling in the United States where he became entrepreneur and industrialist. He obtained American citizenship in 1954.

Honors Awards:  

- Cross of the Legion of Honour
- Companion of the Liberation - Decree of April 11, 1944
- War Cross 1939-1945 (15 fins, 3 stars vermeil)
- Medal of the Resistance with rosette
- Hero of the Soviet Union (USSR)
- Order of Lenin (USSR)
- Order of the Red Banner (USSR)
- Order of War for Hi Fatherland (USSR)
- War Cross (Czechoslovakia)

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