Macchi MC.200 Saetta

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Acqui having solid experience in high performance devices with the Schneider Cup (racing seaplanes), Aeronautica Macchi MC produced. 200 Saetta (arrow). Yet one of the handiest Italian fighters and most agile of his time, the Saetta was disabled in combat because of the weakness of its equipment and its radial engine, which generated a strong drag. Monoplane low-wing, single-engine, yet it outperformed all Italian fighters of 1938, the same RE.2000.

The first prototype of this device made its initial flight in December 1937, with an enclosed cockpit and a retractable tail wheel, both of which are deleted on the initial production version, designated MC.200A1. L 'arrival in device squadron did not take place until mid 1940, too late to fight in France. However, it was widely used by Italian, and happened to be a formidable fighter against the oldest allies devices like the Hurricane. The M.C. 2000 is a device with a strange silhouette was due to the requirement to use a radial engine. Moreover, respecting the wishes of the Italian drivers, Macchi made a device to open cockpit, fixed tailwheel.

In late 1943, totally outclassed by Allied fighters, the Saetta was used come fire support hunter. Saetta several variants were carried out: the MC.200A2 with two 7.7 mm machine guns in the wings; the MC.200AS, tropicatisé; the MC.200CB, capable of carrying the offensive load of 320 kg as fighter bomber or drop tanks as escort fighter long range; and MC.201, prototype powered by a Fiat A.76 RC 40 Engine 1000 hp, a closed cockpit and disappearance of the "hump. Priority was then given to MC.202 Folgore to German engine DB601. In total, 1153 Saetta were manufactured.

Specifications :
Crew : 1
Length : 8,19 m
Wingspan : 10.58 m
Height : 3.50 m
Wing area :16.80 m²
Leermasse : 1895 kg
Max. Start weight : 2590 kg
Cruising speed : 455 km / h
Max speed : 502 km / h
Service Ceilling : 8900 m
Range : 870 km with fuel reserves
Engines 1 × Star motor Fiat-A.74-RC 38 with 649 kW
Arming two rigid 12.70mm MGs in the bonnet

2 fixed 7.70 mm MGs 

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