Lockheed P-38 Lightning

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Designed in 1937 to respond to a request for the US Army Air Corps on a high-altitude fighter, the Lockheed Model 22, redesignated XP-38 made its initial flight in January 1939; 13 pre-production aircraft YP-38 and 30 P-38A were built and flight tested before are developed two operational versions: P-38D (36 copies) and the P-38E (210 copies), with four machine guns and a gun of 20 or 37 mm.   

Numerous variants were produced, including the P-38F, Tropical version, with two most powerful turbocharged engines (537 copies); P-38G, with an offensive load of 910 kg (1,082 copies); P-38H, faster (601 copies); P-38J, produced at a rate of 2970 copies, 1400 benefited from increased fuel capacity; P-38L armed with rockets; and the night fighter seater P-38M.

Specifications : 
Length 11.53 m
Wing span 15.85 m
Height 3,00 m
Wing area 30.42 m²
Drive two V-12 engines Allison V-1710-111 with turbocharger and 1,193 kW (1,622 hp)
Max speed 666 km / h at 7.620 m height
Range of 4.184 km
Crew 1
Service ceilling  13.410 m
Empty weight 5.805 kg
Max. Starting weight 9.798 kg
Arming four 12.7-mm machine guns, a 20-mm gun,

Up to 1,820 kg of bombs or 12.7 cm rockets

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