József Kiss

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József Kiss :

József Kiss was an hungarian aviator who served in the world war 1 flying ace for the austro-hungarian air force (with Magyar : Császári és Királyi Légierő ) and (with German : k.u.k. Luftfahrtruppen)
He was born in 26 January 1896, in Pressburg, United og Hungary.

He was dead in 24 May 1918, in Vicinity of Lamon, united of Italy.

When the war began Kiss abandoned school and volunteer to k.u.k. Land Force. After graduation, he joined the infantry regiment 73, 26 October 1914 The regiment fought on the Eastern Front in the Carpathians against the Tsarist army. During his recovery period, he was admitted to pilot training in Wiener Neustadt and Parndorf. By late April 1916, he flew his first missions of Pergine in the newly established Fliegerkompanie Flik 24. Until his transfer to hunting Fliegerkompanie Flik 55J he reached seven victories. In the new unit, he took with Julius Arigi and commander Julius Maier two excellent flyers. Together, they brought the Emperor Season Flik 55J dubbed. Kiss scored in the two and a half months after the end of January 1918 twelve wins, eight of them in stakes with Arigi or by Maier.

On January 27, 1918 Kiss was wounded in a duel. Not yet fully recovered, he flew 24 May 1918, two airmen an insert against British planes. He was shot at by Lamon airmen Gerald Birks Canada and died in the accident. Three days after his Fliegertod was buried near Lamon. During the funeral Allied airmen laid a wreath with a belt on grief, was read on: "Our latest hi to our brave enemy" (in German: "Our final salvation our brave opponents").

Josef Kiss was the only member of k.u.k. Luftfahrtruppen who was posthumously promoted to officer.

Awards :
- Gold award of Medal for Bravery
- Silver award of Medal for Bravery

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