Hans Wind

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Hans Henrik Wind, was born in 30 July 1919, in Ekenäs, Finland . 
He was dead in 24 July 1995 in Tampere, Finland. 
Captin Henrik was a pilot of the Finnish air force during ww2. 

Hans Henrik Wind flew from 1942 to 28 June 1944 in the Second World War (aircraft: Brewster Buffalo (392), from April 1944 Bf 109 G (MT-201 and MT-439)). On June 4, 1942, Hans Wind Adolf accompanied Hitler in an aviation group of four airplanes when he wanted to congratulate the Finnish Field Marshal Mannerheim on his birthday. For this reason, Hans Wind was awarded the 2nd Class of the Iron Cross on March 6, 1943, by Reichsmarschall Goring.

By the summer of 1943 he reached 33 ½ personal killings. For this merit, the Finnish marshal Mannerheim appointed him on the 31st of July, 1943, as the ruler of the second class of the Order of the Cross of Liberty (Mannerheim-Kreuz). In total, he reached 75 air races, and after Ilmari Juutilainen with 94 victories the second highest number that a Finnish pilot has achieved. On 28 June 1944, Captain Wind received for the second time from the Finnish marshal Mannerheim the Mannerheimkreuz 2nd class of the Order of the Freedom Cross.

A total of 191 Finnish soldiers became knights of the Mannerheim cross 2nd class. Four of them received this award twice ( "double Mannerheim-Kreuzritter"). One of them is Hans Wind.

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