Ansaldo SVA

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The Ansaldo S.V.A was an italian bomber and fighter aircraft used by the italian Empire during the world war 1 .

History :  

During summer 1916, the "Military Aviation Directorate" of the Regia Aeronautica launch a tender for the manufacture of aircraft type "SV" - lightweight fighter high aerodynamic efficiency, designed by engineering specialists of the DTAM, the engineers Umberto Savoia and Rodolfo Verduzio with the cooperation of the young student Verduzio, Celestino Rosatelli which later became the general aviation specialist designer fiat aviazione.

The Gio society. Ansaldo & Co. won the tender and received the order to deliver 40-60 aircraft per month. During the development of the contract, it was stipulated that a prototype was to be made before the start of series production. The company "Gio. Ansaldo & Co" began searching of premises and equipment for mass production. The decision was made to create an independent company Ansaldo Società Anonima Aeronautica integra that the existing division of Ansaldo group, "Cantieri di aeronautici Borzoli"

The first prototype called SV, and soon after renamed SVA.1, flew on March 19, 1917. The plane was a biplane wing largest high that the low wing. with a wooden structure and fuselage painted plywood. The wings were wrapped in a painted canvas. The open car cabin. The fuselage was very fine and aerodynamics. Three copies of pre-series followed this first prototype.

The testing of the SVA showed excellent speed but a slight decrease in maneuverability against service models. It was then decided to validate the aircraft production but to use this version for aerial reconnaissance. The first production aircraft, dubbed SVA.2, was delivered in autumn 1917. 65 aircraft were used primarily for pilot training.

One of the best reconnaissance aircraft from the end of the war was the SVA 5. He participated in the historic raid on Vienna, or 8 aircraft of the 87th squadron flew for 1/2 hour the Austrian capital, throwing leaflets and taking pictures.

It was fast, robust and with great autonomy, but too unwieldy to be used as hunter

It was designed by the engineers Savoja, and Verduzio Rosatelli. The first version was the SVA 4 followed by the type 5. The autonomy of these two planes was different (4 hours for 4, 6 hours for 5).

They equipped 6 squadrons participated in numerous missions such as reconnaissance flight over Friedrichshafen.

We realized 2 seater versions: AVS 9 for driving and SVA 10 for armed reconnaissance and light bombardment.

In total, more than 2,000 aircraft that were manufactured by Ansaldo Aeronautica.

Ansaldo SVA
Photo source  : Wikimedia Commons

Specifications :   

Length 8,130 m
Wingspan 7.750 m
Height : 2.650 m
Wing area : 22,00 m²
Empty weight : 665 kg
Gross weight : 890 kg
Engine : SPA 6A
Power : 220 hp
Max speed : 220 km / h
Service ceiling : 5000 m
Armament: two 7.7-mm machine guns, bombs 46 kg

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