Redford Henry Mulock Biography

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He was born in 11 January 1886 in Peterborough, Ontario, and raised in Winnipeg,
Manitoba, Canada.
He was dead in 23 January 1961,  in Montreal, Québec, Canada.

Redford Henry Mulock was a canadian colonel who was the first canadian flying ace of  WW1 & the 1st in the RNAS (Royal Naval Air Service).
He was the highest of ranking ace, he was credited with 5 aeronautical triumphs.


In 1911 Mulock was joined the CFA (Canadian Field Atillery) where he was served with them up to 1915.
On22 June 1915 he was transfer to the RNAS (Royal Naval Air Service) where get his pilot training and posted to 1 wing.
On 30 December 1915, he was scored his 1st win.
On 24 & 26, January 1916, he we was scored his second win.
On 21 May 1916, he was scored twice win he same day.

In 1917, he was posted as a command of 3 Squadron.
In March 1918, hes was posted to the Dunkrirk Headquarters.

In June 1918, the RAF (Royal Air Forces) No.82 Bomber Wing was framed with Mulock as the CO. Its central goal was to bomb focuses  in the Belgium & north-west of Germany.

Honors awards
In September 1917, he got the French Cross 
( Crooix de Guerre).
In 1918, he got the DSO (Distinguished Service Order) .
In May 1919, He got twice awards ; MiD (Mentioned in dispatches),
Redford Henry Mulock
and the French Legion of honour (Ordre national de la Légion d'honneur).

End Service : 
After the ww1, he was keep served with the RCAF ,
Ascending to the rank of Air commodore by 1935, he then left the military and join the canadian airways.

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