The Gulfstream G500 and G550

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The Gulfstream G500 and G550
The Gulfstream G500 and G550, marketing names Gulfstream V-SP are for business jet aircraft manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace division of General Dynamics, located in Savannah, Georgia,United States. The V-SP is an evolution of Gulfstream V.

Gulfstream G500 :
The G500, the Gulfstream V variant was launched in 2002 and certified by the FAA (Federal Aviation Authority) in 2003. It entered service in 2004. weaker autonomy that the G550, it shares the external appearance as well as the cockpit. However, the G500 has no vision equipment as standard, but optional features. The capacity of the fuel tanks is less than that of the G550 and allows only autonomy of 5,800 nautical miles.

Specifications : 
Crew: Pilot 1-2, 0-2 stewards / stewardesses
Capacity: 14-19 passengers
Length: 29.4 m
Wingspan: 28.5 m
Height: 7.9 m
Empty weight: 21.773 t
Loaded weight: 24.721 t
Useful load: 2,948 t
Maximum takeoff weight: 38,601 t
Reactors: G550: 2 Rolls-Royce BR710 turbofan thrust 68,4kN each G500 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW800 66.75 kN pushed each.
Maximum fuel weight: 15.966 t
Cabin length: 15.3 m
Cab height: 1.88 m
Cabin width: 2.24 m
Cabin volume: 47.3 m3
Volume of luggage compartment: 6.4 m3

Gulfstream G550 : 

The Gulfstream G550 is an improved version of
G-V SP. He arrived on the market in 2003, bringing performance up. Its range is 6,750 nautical miles (12,501 km), mainly due to aerodynamic improvements reducing drag. The Gulfstream 550 aircraft business with the longest battery life in the world (the future nonetheless surpass the G650 with 13 000 km of meadows). This device has a "Planeview" cockpit (that is to say with four monitors 21 Honeywell EFIS), an EVS (Enhanced Vision System) and an infrared camera that projects the image of the front view of a head-up collimator. The EVS allows the aircraft to land in visibility less time to other devices. This plane is distinguished from Gulfstream-V by a seventh passenger window on both sides of the cabin, and by the square outflow valve on the right side of the unit. The Gulfstream V, the valve is round.

Its price is around $ 50 million, the actor Will Smith, director Michael Bay and a Russian billionaire named Valery Korotkov own one [ref. necessary] . The US Navy has four G550 (referred to as C-37B) used for VIP transport.

The Gulfstream G550 is in direct competition with the Falcon 7X business, Boeing Business Jet and the Bombardier Global Express.

Republic of Singapore Air Force
 Gulfstream G550 CAEW landing
at RAAF Base Darwin during
Exercise Pitch Black 2012.
Photo from : Wikimedia 
specifications :
Length : 29.49 m
Wingspan : 28.5 m
Height : 7.9 m
Empty weight : 24,721 kg
crew : 2
Seats max : 19
Maximum payload : 2812 kg
Maximum takeoff weight : 41,277 kg
Two engines Rolls-Royce BR710 engines,
each with 68.4 kN
Reach 12,501 km (6,750 NM)
U.S. Air Force, 09-0525,
Gulfstream Aerospace C-37B
Photo source 
Max speed : Mach 0,885
Cruising speed : Mach 0.85
Service ceiling : 15,545 m (51,000 ft)

Operators :      

United States

English: Tanzania One arriving
in Zurich from Le Bourget
Photo source 





IAF Gulfstream G500 "Nachshon-Shavit",
in IAF cadet graduation ceremony, #154,
source : Wikimedia Commons

Singapore Air Show 2010: An operational G550 CAEW of 111 Squadron
Republic of Singapore Air Force on display Photo from Wikimedia Commons

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